Who we are & what we do.

Creating outstanding imagery for your brand. From concept creation to final product.

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Hi! My name is Kristel. I'm the photographer behind Westisland Media.

I specialize in commercial product photography in the food & beverage, lifestyle and beauty industry. I work with creative, lifestyle and atmospheric images for your website, social media and print, as well as product photos and packshots for your webshop.

Photography forms a big part of marketing and I aim to work closely with each client to build up a relevant library of images so that you can stand out with your business and brand.


Want to work together? Get in touch! 

Professional images are an INVESTMENT that can be used across

MULTIPLE PLATFORMS - from your website and social media to mailings and packaging. This imagery should VISUALLY communicate your STORY, WORTH + VALUES to your customer;

helping to SELL MORE products and GROW your business.

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